Stay Warm

by Daniel Johnson

The Great Muta vs. Yoshihiro Takayama

I dislike straying too far from the topic of wrestling on this blog, but Nemo is absolutely laying the smack down on the American Northeast aka the area that includes the headquarters of The Johnson Transcript. Just take a look at an actual picture of my car that I took today:


Despite what the picture shows I’m actually not set up in a log cabin. The car is parked on a suburban street in Quincy, Massachusetts just south of Boston.

Anyway, that is probably not what you came here to read about. If you’re experiencing snowstorm Nemo there’s probably more practical places you can go for news than a humble wrestling blog and if you’re not experiencing this snowstorm then maybe you just came here to read about wrestling so I won’t disappoint! I just wanted to mention this snowstorm in case the updates get postponed in the near future. Either I lost power again or more likely The Yeti got me (and hopefully it’s not Ron Reis!).

I decided to post this clip as it is one that I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time, but wanted to save it for a special occasion. Since my power might go out at any moment and leave me without Internet for goodness knows how long…well, I’d say that’s special.

Getting to the actual match…The Great Muta has the reputation he does for a few reasons. Longevity plays a part in it as does the uniqueness of his gimmick. Yet, for me what makes Muta stand out more than anything is the overall package. Even when Muta isn’t stripping his face paint off and wrestling as Keiji Mutoh he can do it all from technical wrestling to high-flying to brawling. This last category has the most significance as it relates to this match.

While Muta is a skilled brawler, Yoshihiro Takayama is nothing to scoff at. The guy is not just legitimately tough, but may in fact be legitimately insane as well. Just check out the chair shot to the face he takes near the beginning of this match. Did I mention this bout took place in 2009? Yes, Takayama knew all the dangers that an unprotected chair shot could have, but he gladly took one anyway? Still, this bout is not a backyard affair and the two do more than put their bodies on the line. Both manage to pack some psychology into this less than fifteen minute bout. At times the psychology looks to be nothing more than who can get more blood out of the others’ forehead, but it is psychology nonetheless.

So if you’re reading this during Nemo stay warm, eat something warm and enjoy two of the best Japan has to offer fight for the AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship. If you’re reading this after the fact than just enjoy the clip!

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