Tajiri Has Been Gone From WWE For Nearly Seven Years

Time can be weird in wrestling. For instance, if you look at Yoshihiro Tajiri in this match he doesn’t look that much different from when he last regularly appeared in the largest wrestling promotion in the world, WWE. If anything he has probably improved because he has been able to tap into his full potential by not being restricted in the ring or to a comedy character. Partnering with The Great Muta against Suwama and Kai, Tajiri shows just how technical he can be with the mat wrestling he uses throughout the match (though by the end it pretty much disappears).

All this technical stuff starts with an odd move when Tajiri takes down Kai and grabs his leg. Kai just sits there while Tajiri sticks his butt in his face. Now go to your local bus station and try this out on the first guy you see. You’d be surprised with the results (I know I was). Still, the funniest part of the bout has to be when the Tajiri distracts the ref and Muta goes to town on Suwama with a chair. Its nice to see that wrestling refs in Japan require the same experience that refs in the United States do namely a serious blow to the head and an addiction to sniffing glue. Yet, Suwama out-dumbs the ref when he wrestles the chair away from Muta only for Muta to convince Suwama not to whack him with it. Suwama then is immediately attacked by the master of the mist with an eye rake. He deserves to lose!

Getting back to the subject of time it works differently for different wrestlers. While Tajiri may look more or less the same some wrestlers jump up the wrestling ladder in a blink. Take for instance Kazuchika Okada. One minute he is waiting in a Jersey All Pro Wrestling (JAPW) ring for Samoa Joe to kill him.

Then this.

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