Beyond a Three Way

by Daniel Johnson

AR Fox vs. Eric Corvis vs. Leon St. Giovanni (with John Harder)

Aside from being the home of a tiger and a twig who were nice enough to come on this website, ISW also has had the good sense to help Beyond Wrestling. This event showcased some Beyond Wrestling talent and as Denver Colorado (the man, not the place) pointed out it is fairly rare to see three way matches in Beyond. It is also rather rare to hear Colorado curse so much!

Anyway, the MVP (not Montel Vontavious Porter) of this match would have to be Eric Corvis. From doing a nifty looking standing flip on Fox early in the match to ripping off Giovanni’s mustache to hitting a cross body to the outside that wallops Fox on the way out he just brings it. Let me not gloss over Corvis robbing Giovanni of his mustache. As you will note he not only rips it off, but then puts it on his crotch. No, not Mike Rotch, but his crotch.

As impressive as Corvis is in this match luckily no one decided to take a night off. Fox busts out arguably the single most impressive maneuver of the contest with a flip kick moonsault to the outside. Giovanni likewise compliments both opponents by playing up his heelish tactics and stealing a win.

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