The Importance of an Opener

by Daniel Johnson

Logan Shulo vs. Michael “The Bomber” Facade

Wrestlers appearing on the first match of a card are often negatively referred to as curtain jerkers. Yet, I would argue that the opening match is more often than not the second or third most important match on the card, if not the first. No promoter wants an opener that leaves a dead crowd. As such there have been some incredible openers throughout the years that to quote Gorilla Monsoon were “a main event anywhere in the country.” Matches like Bret Hart/Owen Hart at Wrestlemania X and Kurt Angle/Rey Mysterio at SummerSlam 2002.

As you may note after watching this performance Shulo and Facade aren’t exactly Bret Hart and Kurt Angle. Some of the transitions are awkward while other moves are just downright sloppy. Still, they manage to get the crowd into it and certainly earn their pay. Plus, there are some sweet moments here and there. Facade hits a great looking springboard moonsault and the rapid fire two counts near the end really build off of the amped up crowd.

It is a good thing Shulo and Facade gave the performance that they did because in 2008 when this match took place Shiima Xion (currently Zema Ion in TNA) was on a hot streak. It would have been a shame if he came out for his IWC Heayweight Championship match to silence. Then again while we shouldn’t underestimate opening matches, we  shouldn’t overestimate them either.

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