25 and Under: Alexander James Wrestles for the MCW Rage Television Championship

by Daniel Johnson

Alexander James has been wrestling for about half a decade now and has worked for promotions such as Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW), Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and recently debuted in Beyond Wrestling. One of his greatest feats to date has been winning the MCW Rage Television Championship, a title held by the likes of Adam Cole, Joey Mercury and the man James faces in this clip, Cobian.

This match took place on only the second epsisode of MCW Rage TV though the title it is fought for dates all the way back to 2001. The back story of this encounter is the previous week James slapped the much larger and muscular Cobian in order to impress Josh Daniels who at the time James saw as a mentor. As is the case with a lot of bouts pitting smaller heels against larger faces, James spends plenty of time dodging Cobian and causes Cobian to chase him around the ring. James stops this by trying to hit a running attack when Cobian finally is about to corner him, but instead James gets hit with a sick spinebuster! From there Cobian plants James on the mat from a fireman’s carry position and after it you probably don’t need to be told this isn’t the match James won the MCW Rage Television Championship in. Although this match was brief it allowed James a chance to show off his selling and also gives a slice  of how he can heel it up.

More recently, in 2014 James continues to wrestle around the northeast and has already made two appearances at CZW’s Flyer Skate Zone this year.

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