CZW Dojo Wars Debuts

by Daniel Johnson

Connor Claxton vs. Frankie James

Just days ago on May 21, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) debuted CZW Dojo Wars. According to a mission statement given by CZW owner, DJ Hyde, “Dojo Wars is geared towards the CZW wrestling academy. It will be based on some CZW veterans wrestling the up and coming future of the Combat.”

This first match released from CZW Dojo Wars 1 features Connor Claxton and Frankie James, two young lions looking for some opportunities. The bout is a tight four minutes and features a ton of grappling. Each man only stops grappling by rolling over to the ropes when it looks like the other is getting the upper hand. At one point it looks like James may choke out Claxton when he has a sleeper locked on and is further aided by wrapping his legs around Claxton. This doesn’t pan out as Claxton escapes and changes his style up a bit by hitting James with a headbutt. James doesn’t return the strike, but instead delivers a great looking overhead belly-to-belly suplex that ends the match.

According to the entire card of Dojo Wars 1 consisted of five matches. Only two have been uploaded by CZW so far, so there may be more available on YouTube fairly soon. If not from that show then from Dojo Wars 2, which is scheduled for June 4, 2014.

To check out DJ Hyde’s full mission statement on CZW Dojo Wars click here. For another match from CZW Dojo Wars featuring Sozio and Andrew Wolf click here. For some older CZW action go here and here.

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