Indie Flashback: Sabian Takes on Ruckus

by Daniel Johnson

Sabian vs. Ruckus

This edition of CZW Throwback Thursday features a  chapter in the rivalry that Sabian aka BLK Jeez and Ruckus exploded into following their split in BLK OUT. The bout was part of the undercard of CZW Lines in the Sand, which was headlined by a match for the CZW World Tag Team Championship, which Sabian and Ruckus held together on multiple occasions.

Hardly any time has passed in the bout when Sabian is already doing his infamous ball sweat taunt as he reaches in his trunks and flicks his juices onto Ruckus. Rather than this waking Ruckus up Ruckus keeps a cool and calm attitude throughout the bout. Even with Ruckus having a nonchalant attitude at times this bout comes off more like a middle school fight than a pro wrestling match. When it spills to the outside Ruckus plays the role of the popular kid and asks the fans for assistance by having them chop Sabian. Sabian doesn’t take too kindly to this and when Ruckus no longer has him in his clutches Sabian throws a chair at him. Twice!

What makes this bout a tad more sophisticated than a middle school fight is how well Sabian plays a heel throughout. When the action comes back inside Sabian teases doing a move off the ropes, but then just flops onto Ruckus for a two count. Still, the action never strays too far from it’s playground roots and before long Ruckus is giving Sabian a purple nurple! For the finish Sabian goes back to basics and pins Ruckus while holding the ropes.

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