Old School Flashback: Susan Sexton Defends the LPWA Championship Against La Gata

by Daniel Johnson

Susan Sexton vs. La Gata

This match comes courtesy of the LPWA Revenge VHS and features the same super 1980’s intro as the LPWA Hot Bodies VHS. Before any action unfolds Ken Resnick gives a rundown of everything included on the tape and also mentions that former LPWA Champion Susan Sexton was trying to get her revenge on Lady X. However, this match took place before Lady X claimed the LPWA Championship and is a title match.

Jim Cornette on commentary gives a bunch of interesting facts including that at one point Sexton moved from Australia to New York City to start a band called Sue Sexton and the Sizzlers. Intrigued by this news I did a Google search for the group and when that came up with nothing I then tried an image search on Google. That brought up this photo of a half-naked man and a horse. I immediately abandoned the search.

As for the action the match is short and sweet and ends when La Gata pulls Sexton’s legs out from under her, chokes her with a foot and kicks her. La Gata gets cocky, poses on the ropes and allows Sexton to get her in an electric chair position. As Sexton hits the move Cornette says, “That electric chair is shocking.” Corny sure, but what else could you expect from a guy who goes by the name Corny?

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