Vixsin Interview

by Daniel Johnson


Photo Courtesy of Vixsin

Interviewer’s Note: Vixsin is a native of Australia having wrestled for a slew of promotions throughout the country including New Age Wrestling (NAW), Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW) and Wrestlerock. Vixsin was first drawn to wrestling by the colorful WWF wrestlers of the 1980s and early 1990s. Vixsin then first came into wrestling as a performer after being trained by George “The Hitman” Julio and Jungle Cat. Aside from wrestling in Australia, Vixsin has wrestled in Japan including working for Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW), World Woman Pro Wrestlin Diana (Diana) and Underground Exit (UE). Vixsin can be found on Facebook here and on Twitter @vixsin86. This interview was completed on December 19, 2013. In this interview Vixsin and I focus on her work as an Australian star wrestling in Japan.

Daniel Johnson: I wanted to start off with some background questions. First, how would you describe yourself as a performer in just a few words?
Vixsin: That’s simply strong, crazy and passionate.

Daniel Johnson: For readers who may be unfamiliar with you when and where were you born and how long have you been wrestling?
Vixsin: I was born in 1986 in Melbourne, Australia and I’ve been in the ring now for eight years!

Daniel Johnson: Do you remember the exact moment when you knew you wanted to be a pro wrestler? If so then what was it?
Vixsin: I was only very young I think I would have been about six years old, my dad was watching some kind of sport on TV, so I parked myself next to him and ever since that day I knew this is what I was going to do when I was older, I think I can actually recall the match, it was Big Boss Man and Hulk Hogan in a cage!

Daniel Johnson: Cool, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you first trained under George “The Hitman” Julio and Jungle Cat. How did you first come into contact with your trainers and what did a typical day of training look like?
Vixsin: Yep that’s right more so The Hitman than Jungle Cat, but I did train under Jungle Cat for a while. I lived in a small town, I didn’t even know wrestling feds were in Australia , I started going to the gym prepping myself for training once I had enough money to go overseas to start training. To my surprise the gym where I was training at was also a cricket/netball center and one day the owner asked me why are you training so hard, I explained I’m prepping myself to become a wrestler. Then and only then did I find out that live pro wrestling held events during the year at this gym, but there had been a four month break there at the moment. I was so excited their first show back I dragged my sister with me as I was only 16 and loved the show. The gym owner planned for the head trainer to come out and talk to me after the show I was so excited! George “The Hitman” Julio told me that you have to really want it, if you want to become a pro wrestler. He gave me the address and session times and I was there. A typical day of training looked ever intense. Lots and lots of drills learning lots of mat work first, then it would build up to the more full on stuff.

Daniel Johnson: I’ve been able to check out some of your matches on YouTube and as far as I can tell you’ve wrestled for at least eight different promotions in the country.Which promotion do you feel most at home at of those in Australia and why?
Vixsin: I’ve worked all around Australia and for a lot of different promotions. I feel most home at the promotions in Victoria because I’m from the state. I think it’s because I have such a great fan base in Victoria alone.

Daniel Johnson: In regard to the highlights of your career thus far what do you consider to be the most memorable feud you have had to date and why?
Vixsin: The most memorable feud would be myself and KRACKERJAK. We have had a number of death matches and for me it’s a real stand out memory. I’ve been involved in many death matches and working with someone like KRACKERJAK you will never forget it! My second feud would have to be with Ryan Rollins and Kelly-Ann English I paired myself with one of Australian wrestling’s greatest Mad Dog McCrea to take on these two, we had death matches and normal matches. It will always stay with me as a great memory.

Daniel Johnson: Likewise, is there any one single match that sticks out to you as your best so far? If so then what makes that match stand out?
Vixsin: My stand out match, one I’ll never forget, is wrestling in Japan for a company called World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana in the main event for their belt against Kyoko Inoue, it still feels like a dream to me! Also, another match I won’t forget would be wrestling in Japan at Korakuen Hall in Japan on New Year’s Eve last year, I was in a mixed tag match, myself and Mad Dog versus Cherry and Tetsuya Endo (Big Japan versus DDT). That was a dream come true and something I will never forget! Debuting in Japan and taking my first win at Korakuen Hall 2012/2013.

Daniel Johnson: Cool, so my next question was how did you first get the chance to work in Japan?
Vixsin: Hmm my career in Japan is still new as in the last two years I’ve been three times. I’ve always loved Japanese wrestling and always wanted to head over there. My partner had wrestled in Japan a number of times. I gave a lot of people a lot of DVDs, and a good friend of mine put in a good word for me. But I think I’m very lucky to be working in Japan, I plan on heading there twice a year! For more wrestling and training!

Daniel Johnson: Does the proximity of Australia to Japan help wrestlers get work in Japan? In your experience were there a lot more Australian wrestlers working in Japan than from some other countries?
Vixsin: Hmm I don’t think it’s a distance thing. I know a lot of guys and girls that have been to the USA and Mexico for wrestling, I think you really have to respect their style and Japan to go wrestle over there. I think it depends on the style you want to go for, I know a few Aussies in the USA at the moment and know a few more heading over their because they want to work the WWE style. But for me the proximity is great because that’s the type of wrestling style I’m into.

Daniel Johnson: Cool, you mentioned earlier you were a fan of Japanese wrestling before going over there. Are there any particular matches and performers inspiring to you?
Vixsin: I love to watch Frontier Martial Arts (FMW) and really early Japanese stuff. My inspirations are Bull Nakano, Aja Kong, Manami Toyota, Atsushi Onita, Mr. Danger, Mr. Gannosuke, the list goes on! I love watching their wrestling.

Daniel Johnson: In a broad sense how would you say wrestling in Japan is different from wrestling in Australia?
Vixsin: It’s different because it’s more respectful and hard hitting than Australia. I think we are behind but we are getting their but nowhere near as good as Japan.

Daniel Johnson: What memories stand out to you from your very first visit to Japan?
Vixsin: Going to see live shows! And training. Oh and how awesome the beer and sushi is.

Daniel Johnson: What was the first Japanese crowd you worked in front of like and do you have any other memories of your first match in Japan?
Vixsin: It was a packed out, my first crowd was at Korakuen Hall on New Year’s, I think I was very lucky to debut there. And getting the win, to debut in Japan at Korakuen Hall with so much history there was unbelievable.

Daniel Johnson: What promotions have you had the chance to wrestle for in Japan to date? Also, are there any promotions in Japan you have yet to work for that you would like to? If so then where?
Vixsin: I’ve had the chance to wrestle for Big Japan, World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana and Underground Exit. I would love to wrestle all over japan, I would love to wrestle for anyone that would have me!

Daniel Johnson: You mentioned earlier some notable stars in Japan you have worked with. I was curious who are some Japanese wrestlers you have worked with who readers may not be aware of that you think readers should know about?
Vixsin: I’ve wrestled a female called Yuiga. Everyone should get on YouTube and look at her stuff, she’s awesome! Also, my trainer in Japan Fugofugo Yumeji.

Daniel Johnson: For any wrestlers reading this interview who might be interested in working in Japan what is one bit of advice you would offer them to help get their feet in the door?
Vixsin: First off go over and train, get in touch with feds, see if you can train with them, take promo packs (matches, promo pic and a promo).

Daniel Johnson: Switching gears a bit people always like to know about ribs and road stories do you have any that you could share?
Vixsin: Hmm I’ve pulled a few harmless ribs in my time all for fun! As for road trips, not so much on the road anymore as it’s cheaper to fly here in Australia! So not really any stories to share lol.

Daniel Johnson: I’d like to wind the interview down with five short non-wrestling related questions. First, outside of wrestling, what television shows do you enjoy watching these days?
Vixsin: Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Seinfeld , Tosh.0, South Park and The Simpsons.

Daniel Johnson: What was your favorite movie that came out this year?
Vixsin: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2!

Daniel Johnson: Cool, what is your favorite food that you tried for the first time this year?
Vixsin: Um, emu.

Daniel Johnson: What is your favorite song to come out this year?
Vixsin: “The Monster” by Eminem.

Daniel Johnson: What is the last book you read and would you recommend it?
Vixsin: Hmm I can’t remember the last book I read!

Daniel Johnson: No problem, I just had a few more short wrestling questions that I wanted to ask. First, what is the weirdest part about being a wrestler?
Vixsin: Tricky question, I’ve been a wrestler for so long it would be weird not to b a wrestler I guess.

Daniel Johnson: Who is one wrestler you can name under the age of 25 that you think readers should know about?
Vixsin: Josh Shooter and Siren Monroe both from Melbourne and Storm from Queensland, Australia.

Daniel Johnson: Lastly, is there anything you would like to add?
Vixsin: Please follow me on Facebook at or on twitter @vixsin86. I would love the support!

Check out Vixsin in action! Footage from Vixsin’s debut in Japan at Korakuen Hall can be found here. A music video to the song “Coma” by Jenna Dwyer featuring clips of Vixsin can be found here. In the match below Vixsin teams with Mad Dog McCrea to take on Nakita Naridian and Ryan Rollins at PCW Mayhem 2013:

Editor’s Note: This article has been modified to remove a potential spoiler for an upcoming show. The information concerning this potential spoiler was removed completely and no other portion of this interview has been changed.

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