Old School Flashback: Lady X Defends Against Sindy Paradise

by Daniel Johnson

Lady X vs. Sindy Paradise

This a unique match for the LPWA Championship and features Lady X, the woman who defeated the face of the LPWA to end her year long title run, Susan Sexton. Manager Ashley Kennedy is referred  to as  X’s owner in an interview prior to the match, which reminds me of Bret Hart’s classic interview about El Dandy. Kennedy readily admits that X’s scheduled opponent, Sindy Paradise is an unranked contender for the title, but says she can have a shot anyway. The match is also a standard bout rather than a two out of three falls match despite LPWA Championship encounters mostly being two out of three fall matches at the time. Kennedy of course, is actually just trying to get X the easiest defenses possible. Of course, Kennedy has a track record of being fiendish.

Paradise is a small, but muscular opponent. In sizing up the two wrestlers, commentator Jim Cornette points out in regards to Paradise that the smaller they are the further they fly. Sure enough X tosses Paradise all over the ring. While Paradise gets a few pin attempts and hits some wicked forearms on X, Paradise is outmatched. X puts Paradise in the tree of woe position and knees her in the gut before going to work on her even more. Kevin Sullivan would be proud. In the end X slams Paradise and gives her a legdrop for the pin…only to pull Paradise off the mat. X goes onto hit this combination three more times before high ranking LPWA face, Reggie Bennett comes out to make the save. Bennett has of course taken on bigger women than X so X runs off quickly and accepts a disqualification win.

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