Old School Flashback: The USA Against the USSR

by Daniel Johnson

Reggie Bennett vs. Comrade Orga

The Cold War was essentially over when this match between Reggie Bennett and Comrade Orga occurred. However, tension between the USA and the USSR had proven too successful for fueling feuds for the wrestling industry, including LPWA, to stop playing off of The Cold War overnight hence this match.

Bennett comes out to “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen, which has a number of things wrong with it given she is the proud American face. At any rate Bennett knocks Orga down almost immediately with a shoulder block then starts working on her arm. Jim Cornette points out the match is, “Power against power,” and also calls Comrade Orga, Comrade Orca.Orga fights back and hits Bennett with a clothesline that Bennett sells so fierce it would make Stan Hansen proud, if the clothesline itself wasn’t so sloppy. Orga continues her offense with a suplex variation and a slam. However, Bennett manages two slams on the massive Orga and the commentary team sell it as if Hulk Hogan were slamming Andre The Giant all over again.

As the match winds down Orga chokes Bennett with some cloth until Bennett wrestles it away. Bennett closes out the affair with a gutwrench suplex and a splash for the win.

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