ISW Free Match Monday: Kitsune Battles Player Uno

by Daniel Johnson

To start off this edition of ISW Free Match Monday, Kitsune slowly takes his shirt off and ties it up with his black belt in this bout from ISW ARMAGEDDOCALYPSE. Player Uno berates Kitsune for a second and then the two engage in a decent amount of scientific wrestling. Player Uno knocks Kitsune down with a shoulder block, but Kitsune jumps right up and lands a kick. Kitsune goes on to hit a ridiculous amount of kicks throughout the encounter while Player Uno sells them like death.

Aside from his kicks what Kitsune does perhaps most impressively is his aerial maneuvers. Before the match ends Kitsune hits a springboard into a head scissors attack, a corkscrew from the top rope to the floor and a standing shooting star press. Player Uno on the other hand uses a more grounded offense that includes a variation of Edge’s old downward spiral finisher that Play Uno calls, pitfall. Prior to the end of the match. Player Uno nearly puts Kitsune away with a punch reminiscent of The Big Show’s WMD and two powerbombs. However, after torturing Uno with some more kicks Kitsune ends it all with a top rope shooting star press that would put Billy Kidman to shame.

In other whacky wrestling news Maxim posted a harmless yet lame article on wrestling. Harmless because no one buys Maxim for the writing anyway. They could fill their magazine with public domain recipes for chicken soup and it would sell the same amount of copies. As for why it is lame? Well, just take a look.

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