Beyond Wrestling: The Four Corners Match From Americanrana

by Daniel Johnson

Latin Dragon vs. Shane Strickland vs. Sozio vs. David Starr

With just hours to go until Beyond Wrestling’s Point of No Return, let’s take a look at match from their last show in Rhode Island, Americanrana. This four corners match was the unofficial opener that took place as fans were still pouring into the venue. Adding to the live atmosphere of this clip, no commentary has been added from Denver Colorado.

Sozio, wearing a trench coat that makes him look truly villainous plays the main heel of the match, until he is the first one eliminated when Latin Dragon pins him with la magistral after a stiff looking kick to the shin. Shane Strickland and David Starr then take the spotlight as Latin Dragon takes a breather. Strickland misses a suicide dive, but flips himself over then kicks David Starr in the head. There are a whole slew of two counts, but Strickland puts an end to this by flattening Starr with a double stomp just like if he was a playable character in Super Mario Bros. With just Dragon and Strickland left the two bust out some awesome moves as they attempt to put each other away in front of a rabid crowd. Dragon gets a two count with a Michinoku driver and Strickland gets two with an axe kick. For the finish Strickland misses another double stomp from the top rope and gets planted on his face as Dragon wins.

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