Old School Flashback: A Beast is Unleashed in the LPWA

by Daniel Johnson

The Beast vs. Kimmie Kozak

If you are looking for a one-sided women’s squash match then you have come to the right place!

Before the match The Beast and her pal, Ashley Kennedy talk with interviewer Boni Blackstone. Kennedy speaks about destroying the then holder of the LPWA Championship, Susan Sexton and how she will take her title and also hypes up The Beast. With a name as generic yet aggressive sounding as The Beast you just know she is going to be one of the LPWA’s top squash machines. Likewise, appropriately enough for this squash match she comes out to Steppenwolf.

The Beast’s opponent Kimmie Kozak doesn’t get a single offensive move in this match. The Beast apparently isn’t in a good mood either and gives the referee, who is sporting some very 1980’s bleach blonde hair, trouble before the bout by refusing to let him check her gear. When the ref finally calls for the bell The Beast lands a boot, a chop and then hits a snapmare. While Kozak is down, The Beast pounds away with some stomping and choking. As Kozak makes it to her feet she gets hit with a forearm to the chest, another forearm and some more choking. After raking Kozak’s eyes, chopping her, hitting another snapmare and slamming her The Beast ends it all with a big splash.

Following this match Ashley Kennedy never got the chance to beat Susan Sexton for the LPWA Championship. However, The Beast had a moderately successful career in the LPWA and even wrestled Sexton herself at one point. On the other hand the biggest news Kozak made was a random mention in a Yahoo! Groups discussion over 10 years ago involving this very match.

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  1. The LPWA needs to be on the WWE Network. So does USWA.


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