ROH Throwback Thursday: Low Ki Lights it Up

by Daniel Johnson

Low Ki vs. KENTA

ROH Throwback Thursday is back with another classic, courtesy of the ROH vault. From the main event of ROH Final Battle 2005, KENTA defends his GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship against Low Ki in what fans call the “match of a year” and a “five star match” before the clip is over.

In the early goings of this encounter KENTA hits what look like incredibly tough kicks. That is until Low Ki starts chopping away. In fact, Low Ki’s chops are so barbaric looking I’m almost surprised chunks of KENTA’s skin didn’t start flying off mid match. Of course, aside from the strikes as can be expected from any Low Ki or KENTA match there is some incredible athleticism. At one point Low Ki hits a double stomp on KENTA’s back from the top rope and lands on the floor after hitting KENTA who was stuck in the ropes. Just a bit later Low Ki hits another double stomp and almost hits the roof of the building while he is at it. Yet, then Low Ki goes right back to strikes and at one point performs a Kenta Kobashi inspired chopfest on the protege of Kobashi, Kenta Kobayashi. All good things must come to an end though and this bout wraps up after KENTA gets in his go to sleep finisher and a hard knee to Low Ki’s head.

In unrelated and more recent ROH news Jay Briscoe recently cut quite a promo on ROH World Champion Adam Cole

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