Indie Flashback: Greg Excellent Battles Freight Train at CZW Cage of Death XV

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoGreg Excellent vs. Freight Train

In case you didn’t know Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) just held their CZW Cage of Death XVI show this past weekend. The results for said show can be found here. Slightly more than a year ago CZW Cage of Death XV was held and the stacked card featured great technical wrestlers like Chris Hero, Davey Richards and Drew Gulak. There was also very non-technical stuff from Greg Excellent and Freight Train in this comedy match uploaded as part of CZW Throwback Thursday.

While Greg Excellent has been wrestling for CZW since 2007, casual CZW fans may be less aware of Freight Train. Train got some hype going for him through High Spots’ $5 Wrestling series. For High Spots, Train will do things like showcase his comedy wrestling skills and cut promos talking about his smooth belly. Train is controversial, not in a BLK Jeez kind of way, but more in a John Cena kind of way. Train has his fans, but he also has a vocal audience that just doesn’t like him.

The storyline of this match was that if Excellent won Train’s valet for the night, Cherry Bomb had to go home with him. To counter any outside interference from Cherry, Excellent had his Mama in his corner.

To begin there is a brief shoving match, but when neither gains any traction, Train challenges Excellent to break dance. Seriously. While Excellent refuses to break dance he says he will sing and he bursts into song with “A Whole New World” from Aladdin.

Train takes the mic and gives Excellent some very weak thumps to the forehead. Excellent battles back and tries to slam Train, but the big man just collapses. When Excellent starts getting in control, Cherry gets on the ring apron to distract him leading Train to hit him with a very, very slow avalanche. Turnabout is fair play and Mama then distracts Train. This is really played up for comedy because of how saggy Mama is. Nevertheless Excellent hits his own very, very slow avalanche.

For the finish Excellent puts Train in a sharpshooter…or he tries to anyway. Train’s legs will just not hold in the sharpshooter position so Excellent has to make him tap to a single leg Boston crab.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next big CZW event will be an as of yet unnamed CZW live event on January 10 in Voorhees, New Jersey. Click here for tickets.

For the full results of CZW Cage of Death XV click here.

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