25 and Under: Andre Machievski’s Path to the SCP Heavyweight Championship

by Daniel Johnson

25andunderlogoAndre Machievski vs. Mike Camden

Andre Machievski wrestles out of San Diego, California and has primarily worked for SoCal Pro Wrestling (SCP) pretty much since the start of the decade. Machievski is the reigning holder of the SCP Heavyweight Championship, which he has held for nearly 100 days. Previously Machievski had held the SCP Golden State Championship for 210 days. Machievski has faced a wealth of talent in southern California including Mike Camden at the SCP February 28, 2014 show.

Machievski offers to shake Camden’s hand to start, but Camden is about as safe from Machievski’s offense as the city of Camden, New Jersey is a safe place to live. Machievski takes a swing at Camden and while the face dodges Machievski’s heel move, it isn’t long before Machievski delivers a big back body drop!

Camden retreats from Machievski and when he comes back inside the squared circle Machievski catches him in the stones. Camden makes a comeback however when he lands a dropkick from the ropes and a clothesline, but his momentum hilariously ends when he makes a Kurt Angle style rush up the ropes only to a land flat on his nuts. Who was the booker for this match? Was it Bruce Hart?

Machievski hits a lovely belly-to-back suplex from the ropes. Camden shows some signs of making a comeback, but Machievski summons the spirit of Roman Reigns to land a Superman punch.

For the finish Machievski tries to turn Camden into a pretzel by bending his ankles forcing Camden to submit. After this Machievski refuses to break the hold, but lets go before the referee overturns the decision.

The full match can be seen right here:

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