Indie Flashback: It’s Amazing What Can Be Done With a Lollipop in CZW

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoGreg Excellent vs. Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan wrestled for Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) for the first time since 2005 just over a year ago at the CZW 15th Anniversary Show. CZW has changed remarkably since “The Lariat” DJ Hyde took over control of the company from John Zandig. One wrestler making his in-ring debut in CZW since 2005 was Ryan’s opponent for his return match, Greg Excellent.

To start, Excellent taunts Ryan then asks for his lollipop. Ryan refuses and then disrespects Excellent by grabbing at his fat. Excellent soon pays Ryan back for this by putting him in a headlock and taking the lollipop by force. However, turnabout is fair play and Ryan steals back the lollipop during a headlock of his own. Ryan then rubs the lollipop on his chest and pubic region. Excellent is unwavering and still decides to suck on the candy. The fans erupt into a, “This is awkward” chant.

As for the wrestling Excellent summons the spirit of Fritz Von Erich and puts on a claw, but then Ryan chokes the big man. Excellent counters by tugging at Ryan’s mustache. Yes, there is very little serious wrestling in this match. In fact, shortly there after it looks like the match is going to go to a non-finish as both wrestlers turn on the referee, but the referee manages to keep order by tugging on some chest hair.

As the match resumes Ryan lands a cheap shot and takes control of the match. That is until Excellent delivers a crossbody from the ropes. In short order Excellent strips down to his skivvies and wallops Ryan with a cannonball into the corner. Excellent executes a tiger driver, but still fails to get the win.

Pepper Parks interferes by trying to distract Excellent. However, Parks doesn’t do much as Ryan accidentally plants him with a fist to the face.

For the finish Ryan attempts a sunset flip, but Excellent puts the kibosh on this by sitting down and pinning Ryan for three.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next CZW show will be CZW Sixteen: An Ultraviolent Anniversary on February 21 in Voorhees, New Jersey. Click here for tickets.

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