Burger King of the Ring Tournament Finals

Inter Species Wrestling (ISW) is a nice and whacky promotion with a ton of fun performers, gimmicks and outings. Here, El Hijo del Bamboo and Frankie Arion fight it out for the title of ISW Burger King of the Ring. While it is a bit different from Bret Hart battling Bam Bam Bigelow for the WWF King of the Ring perhaps its not that unusual. After all there is a McDonald’s United States Championship.

The match has a ton of fun spots, but the highlight has to be when Arion turns Bamboo’s head all the way around! Someone call the panda chiropractor! Bamboo manages to rebound from this and turns his own head around the right way, which the commentators appropriately sell like mad. When a “holy *expletive” chant breaks out one of the commentators also chimes in, “its getting religious and fecal in here.” Despite using his AXE Body Spray to the best of his ability, Arion just has a tough time beating the bear. Bamboo just has too many high risk maneuvers to counter. The fight is not over yet though because a rematch has been booked for ISW ARMAGEDDOCALYPSE next month. Will it get religious and fecal once again? There is only one way to find out firsthand!

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