Bernard in a Battle

One argument that could be made as to why the former-Albert hasn’t been more successful since his return to the WWE is that in Japan a lot of his better work was as a tag wrestler. There is no shame in that. After all wrestlers from Billy Gunn to Hernandez have excelled in this arena only to have incredibly disappointing singles runs. However, applying this to Matt Bloom (or whatever you want to call him) is just not accurate.

It is true that Tensai (then Giant Bernard) tore the tag scene up in NJPW with Karl Anderson as Bad Intentions, but he was far from only being a much improved tag wrestler.

In this fight he gets in a lot of stiff shots on Yoshie. Yes, you read that right, “Yoshie” with an “e.” Not Yoshi Tatsu or anyone else with the name Yoshi. For his part Yoshie gives it right back to Bernard and is just as vicious. This creates some fun chemisty between the two despite Yoshie’s choice of ring attire. Come to think of it take a closer look at Yotaka Yoshie in this match. Round? Japanese? Pink? Maybe, Yoshie is just the human incarnation of another Nintendo character!

Is not feuding with Kirby ruining the Lord Tensai gimmick?

Now that I think of it Tensai’s worshipper, Sakamoto has been missing lately and Kirby was known for swallowing his opponents…

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