Liger Shows Up in Style

When I went to AJPW’s YouTube channel today I thought they were going to make my post today about this clip easy. After all they show Jushin “Thunder” Liger right up front looking like the inverse of The White Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. That is to say instead of wearing a white costume and a mask and looking kind of lame, Liger looks kind of awesome. So what more would I need to say then that? Its still a shame that he doesn’t get his own Zord though. Yet, even more unfortunate is that despite the competitors involved this bout doesn’t really go far beyond the cookie cutter stage. Even the technical wizard Yuji Nagata does little to impress!

After some casual back and forth action the fight picks up a little when Nagata and Minoru Suzuki duke it out. But wait…what’s this? Its not a chopfest, but…a slapfest? Very weak! The match carries along until Masakatsu Funaki aids his partner in trading kicks on Nagata. This brings Liger in, but Liger is soon shot down when his opponents lock on simultaneous submissions on him and Nagata. Some more standard action that actually is getting exciting when the match abruptly ends. Nagata wins it with a belly-to back suplex. At least no Putties were involved.

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