Anarchy and American Joshi

Here is a fun match with a Halloween theme from Anarchy Championship Wrestling! Reigning ACW American Joshi Championship title holder, Athena is representing Cobra Kai just like, ACH. Hey, wait a second! Looks like Athena has more in common with ACH than just the Cobra Kai jacket!

The in-ring action shows a lot of Athena, Barbi Hayden and Lillie Mae, but unfortunately not much Portia Perez. Oh well, I guess not everyone can get in all their spots all of the time. Perez tries to twist Hayden’s head off at one point though and eliminates her before getting rolled up for an elimination herself. With just Athena and Mae left, Perez becomes a sore loser and attacks Mae. This allows Athena to hit a big 5 star frogsplash for the win on Anarchy Televised.

If you ever want to see Anarchy live then you should know ACW has an event tomorrow night in Austin, Texas.

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