Site News 10/21/12

October keeps moving along and so does The Johnson Transcript! With that said, today offers a brand new feature to the blog. I find that outside of this place some of my efforts that have gotten the most responses and attention are tough to limit to a category such as “Wrestling Clips” or “Wrestling Reviews.” These works tend to be a miscellaneous hodgepodge that sometimes receive praise and perhaps just as often get bashed to bits. If I was presenting these pieces by saying them out loud on a street corner then I’d be accused of verbal diarrhea. Since I’m typing them out for Internet consumption I’ll just call them, “The Runs.” Some of the ideas in this extremely broad category might be great while others may be down right awful, but hopefully it will always be entertaining.

Depending on the response and traffic each piece receives some entries may turn into series. Who am I kidding? Some may get turned into series just because I enjoyed them! Yet, others may be doomed to be standalone orphan entries. I like to stay optimistic so hopefully each piece is enjoyable enough so that I don’t have to build an online orphanage for them. Also, some might just work better as standalone entries.

The first entry to The Runs takes a look at the MMA film starring Kevin James, Here Comes the Boom. I’ve been eating my fiber so there should be plenty more of The Runs to come.

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