The Technical Wizard Shines

Only a few days ago I posted an unimpressive match featuring Jushin “Thunder” Liger and Yuji Nagata. Yet, I didn’t want to leave readers with the impression that either guy is incapable of having a great match in a short amount of time. Since I have posted an ample amount of Liger matches already I wanted to instead focus on Nagata.

This bout comes from NJPW’s dark period of the early 2000s and features tons of mat wrestling. While it is called NJPW’s dark period for a reason some matches managed to shine despite the troubling times. Aside from the holds, Nagata also lays in some light kicks at first on a young Hiroshi Tanahashi (the current IWGP Heavyweight Championship holder). Nagata increases the force behind his kicks though until it looks like he trying to pound Tanahashi’s lunch money out of him! It is just like watching WCW Monday Nitro again, but without Tony Schiavone babbling on! Tanahashi fights back and goofs up a little on his moonsault attempt. However, it is a second rope moonsault on a standing opponent so he should be cut some slack. Tanahashi hits two sweet looking German suplexes, but goes for one German too many, which leads to the Nagata lock!

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