Austin Aries’ Second Run in ROH

After a brief stint in TNA as Austin Starr, Austin returned to ROH with his original Austin Aries ring name. This match took place about a year into this run where he attempted to give the company a reason to do what they eventually did: make him the first two time holder of the ROH World Championship and the face of their organization.

As the match begins the commentators tease Aries joining The Age of the Fall stable due to his involvement with Lacey. The actual in-ring action consists of a lot of mat wrestling to start. Aries kills the mat wrestling when Young leaves the ring and Aries hits a suicide dive. The dive harshly pushes Young’s back against the guardrail.

Back inside Aries attempts a top rope dropkick, but Young gets out of the way. Young is only dominant briefly before the two trade maneuvers. Eventually Aries gets back to the top rope and this time hits a dropkick. Austin follows this up with a running dropkick into the corner. Aries attempts a brainbuster, but Young manages to reverse it. Young gets a two count, but is doomed because in a flash he is back in the brainbuster position. This time Aries wallops Young with it and gets him in the last chancery for the submission victory, short and sweet.

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