Mr. 450 and John Skyler Cannot Resist Jocephus

If you’ve only heard of Billy Corgan’s promotion Resistance Pro (RP), but never actually watched it well here’s your shot. Heck, if you’ve seen it already you’ll probably get a kick out of this match even more.

So what is the quality like? Will the front man of The Smashing Pumpkins really be the new Vince McMahon? Well, if that is the case RP has a ways to go, but puts forth an entertaining product just the same. Actually, it reminds me of a less sped up version of WSX. Mr. 450 and John Skyler provide some fast paced action in the fight even though they don’t really get to show off their aerial maneuvers. Still, the commentators get in a reference to The Young Bucks when they call 450 and Skyler trading super kicks on Jocephus. I wonder how they trained to be that good? Could one of The Young Bucks…perhaps Nick Jackson explain it? Oh yeah, he just talked about training to be a wrestler on this very site!

Anyway, back to the action! The two people Mr. 450 comes out with, D’arcy Dixon and Eric St. Vaughn don’t do anything and the two Buck-like wrestlers cannot tame the loving tribute to Bruiser Brody that RP calls Jocephus by themselves. So Jocephus plants Mr. 450 on top of John Skyler and earns the victory. Jocephus then cuts a promo and the crowd even gives us some Brody (or are those Berzerker?) “huss” chants!

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