TNA Bound for Glory (2012) Review

TNA Bound for Glory (2012) delivered. Could the Austin Aries/Jeff Hardy main event have been better? Sure. Was the main event beyond decent at least? Absolutely! Add to that, that there were at least two matches even better including an awesome Bobby Roode/James Storm encounter and you’ve got quite a show. I recently mentioned that I wished TNA would have kept the title on Roode and this bout supports that line of thinking. Storm and Roode should gain huge momentum from this match and it will be a crime if in two months neither of them is in the pay-per-view main event. Perhaps the best part of Bound for Glory was that there was not a stinker in the bunch. Okay, the women’s match could have been a lot better (especially considering the participants), but it was pretty short and far from awful.

Rob Van Dam defeated Zema Ion (c) to win the TNA X Division Championship

Zema gets twin two counts after an awkward spinning DDT. Zema pushes RVD out of the ring and flips over the top rope onto him. Inside, RVD misses a monkey flip and Zema goes up top, nailing a dropkick. RVD turns the match completely around by hitting a dropkick, a rolling thunder and a 5 star frog splash all in a row to win.

Rating: 3.25 stars

Samoa Joe (c) defeated Magnus to retain the TNA Television Championship

Magnus hits a variety of impressive maneuvers while he is in control. He gets Joe in a 619 position and drops a sharp running elbow on his back. Magnus shortly after hits a move resembling a Michinoku driver on the hefty Samoan. Joe fights back and soon clamps on an STF and turns that into a pure arm submission, but Magnus reaches the ropes. Joe attempts a muscle buster, but gets shoved off of the ropes and hit with a top rope elbow. Oh yeah! Joe tries the rear naked choke with Magnus escaping twice. The third time proves to be a charm for Joe and he retains by tap out.

Rating: 3.75 stars

James Storm defeated Bobby Roode in a street fight

King Mo serves as the special guest enforcer during this battle. There is tons of brawling to start and Storm knocks Roode all over the outside. Mo stares down Roode then stares down Storm. Storm introduces chairs into the match, but doesn’t really do anything with them. Roode slingshots Storm into the ring post on the floor and Storm blades. Roode whacks Storm on the back with a chair and goes after his wound. The two go back inside along with some weapons and Storm begins to dominate with a kendo stick and trash can including a nut shot using the two. Storm is covered in a full crimson mask, but DDTs Roode on the ramp. A fan gives Storm a crutch and he hits Roode with it. The two end up on the announce table and Roode spears Storm off the regular announce table and through the Spanish one. Roode tries to pick on referee Earl Hebner, but Mo shoves him. Storm attacks and hits a last call super kick for a super close two count. Roode shoves Storm into a chair and schoolboys him, but only gets two. Roode takes out some thumbtacks, but gets pushed off the top rope onto them as Storm drops a top rope elbow…for two. Oh…no? Roode takes out Storm’s beer bottles, but Storm grabs one and throws it at Roode’s face. The crowd chants, “one more time” and Storm responds with a last call super kick to send Roode onto the thumbtacks for the victory.

Rating: 4.75 stars

Joey Ryan defeated Al Snow

If Joey Ryan wins this match he will get a permanent contract with TNA. There are some “we want head” chants to start and Snow offers Ryan the chance to mount him…what a way for Joey Ryan to enter TNA (and hopefully not Al Snow!). Anyway, Ryan can’t get in any offense early on until he scores some cheap shots and manages a one count after a suplex. Al headbutts Ryan, tugs on his chest hair and Snow plows him, but only gets two. Al gets Head out from under the ring, but Ryan shoves Al into the ref as soon as he comes back in. Ryan kisses Head and slides to the outside. Snow traps Ryan by using the ring apron, but gets a big boot from an interfering Matt Morgan. Snow gets rolled back into the ring and Ryan pins him. Ryan and Morgan shake hands afterward.

Rating: 3.25 stars

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defeated Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (c) and AJ Styles and Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship in a three way match

AJ and Chavo start off with some mat wrestling and Chavo wraps on a few headlocks. The action picks up quickly and at one point Kazarian flips AJ over so high that it looks like he really is ready to fly. AJ hits the pele and tags in Angle who hits some Germans on Kazarian. Chavo and Hernandez get back into the action and there are a series of awesome moves to the outside. These include a moonsault by Daniels, a plancha by Hernandez and a flip that AJ performs after jumping from one top rope to another! More carnage erupts, but clears leaving Hernandez to pin Daniels after a border toss and a frog splash from Chavo.

Rating: 4 stars

Tara defeated Brooke Tessmacher (c) to win the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship

The crowd is pretty quiet for this one even when Brooke manages an impressive hurricanrana jumping from the top rope and landing onto Tara. Tara wins the belt with a widow’s peak and gets on the mic to announce her celebrity boyfriend, Jessie Godderz from the reality show Big Brother 10. An appropriate “who are you?” chant breaks out.

Rating: 2.75 stars

Two members of Aces & 8s defeated Sting and Bully Ray in a no disqualification match

Before the match clips from Sting’s TNA Hall of Fame induction ceremony are shown featuring speeches from Lex Luger, Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter. The stakes are high as if Aces & 8s win they get full access to TNA, but if they lose then they will go away forever. Sting comes out in a classic colorful Sting jacket and Bully has on some face paint in the style of surfer Sting. The two members of Aces & 8s come out with Joseph Park and give him a shot to the gut and handcuff him to the guardrail before the four participants dive head first into some brawling. Sting tries a Stinger’s splash on the guardrail, but misses. The match goes inside and Aces & 8s dominate until Sting makes a hot tag to Bully. A third member of Aces & 8s comes in, but Park breaks free and fights him to the back. Sting signals for the table, but a fourth member of Aces & 8s shows up and drives Bully through it. Aces & 8s win and Mike Tenay and Taz sell it hard. Hulk Hogan comes out and attacks members of Aces & 8s as more are coming in. Hogan Hulks up on the one who put Bully through a table and unmasks him to reveal…Devon! “This is awkward” chants break out. Seriously.

Rating: 3 stars

Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries (c) to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Aries heels it up like never before by pulling on hair, sneaking in cheap shots, etc. The crowd doesn’t buy any of it and sounds split about 60 to 40 in favor of Aries. As the match unfolds Aries tries a brainbuster, but is blocked by Hardy and instead gets his face smashed into the mat. On the outsie Hardy misses a dive onto Aries and Aries fires back with a suicide dive. Back inside and Aries is bloody as he locks on the last chancery, but is unable to get a submission. After some more back and forth action Jeff hits the twist of fate and tries a swanton bomb. Aries cuts him off with a hurricanrana and gets a super close two count with a brainbuster. Hardy battles back and wins it with another twist of fate and a swanton bomb.

Rating: 3.75 stars

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