CTWE: Kevin Nash Wrestles on the Promotion’s Last Show Ever

by Daniel Johnson

Platinum Entourage vs. Kevin Nash and Bull Dredd

Well, the last ever batch of CTWE matches were uploaded this past Saturday from the CTWE Farewell show. While it is disappointing the company will no longer be putting new quality content on YouTube at least the company went out with a bang. This match was originally billed as a handicap match, but before any action happens Kevin Nash gets on what appears to be a broken microphone and though I could barely make out a word he said, I’m guessing he was introducing Bull Dredd. Dredd comes out in an NWO shirt that also has the letters HTA on the back of the shirt. One commentator reminds viewers that HTA stands for horns to asses.

To start, Dredd first gets double teamed by Platinum Entourage, which consists of J-Busta and Stevie Stamos. At one point Stamos even chokes Dredd in the corner with his foot right up to the five count. However, when he then tags in J-Busta, Dredd ends up dropping J-Busta right on his crotch. Dredd tags in the big man Nash, who then locks eyes with Stamos who has been tagged back in. Rather than deal with the situation Stamos mimics The Ultimate Warrior to try to intimate Nash. Instead Stamos eats a big boot and in short order J-Busta east a powerbomb leading to a three count.

As mentioned before it is disappointing CTWE is closing it’s doors. Yet, perhaps even more tragic is how common horns to asses actually appears to be if a quick Google search is anything to go by.

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