30 in 30: IPW’s Channel

by Daniel Johnson


Hey there! Before you check out the latest of 30 in 30 remember that you can enter to win a free copy of CM Punk: Best in the World on Blu-ray. For details go here. Also to find out more about 30 in 30 go here.

The full Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW) YouTube channel can be found here.

Here are the facts about IPW’s Youtube channel:

Number of videos: 161

Frequency new videos are added: Barely any new videos are ever added. There was one video added more than a week ago and the last one before that was about three weeks ago. Then nothing was added for about seven months before that.

Frequency full shows are added: No full shows are currently being added regularly, but old episodes of IPW Ignition are featured on the channel. The latest was added in December 2010. The show runs 50 minutes and are split up into five pieces.

Total views of the most popular video: 6,949

IPW, based in New Zealand, is a top promotion in the country and features a wealth of local talent. Their YouTube channel isn’t updated much anymore, but the highlight of it has to be it’s old IPW Ignition shows, which feature full matches . Other than IPW Ignition episodes one would be hard pressed to find a standalone match (though I managed). For standalone matches a better channel to go to may be IPW’s sister channel, which is the official YouTube channel for IPW star Travis Banks. That channel features a bunch of full matches with and without Banks even if they are fan cam quality. Also, have you ever seen a hype video that looked this badass for a wrestler with a gut? Anyway, by contrast the match footage shown on this channel is superior even if it looks like the best cameras aren’t used and the audio mixing is far from ideal. Also, the company used to upload videos relevant to their current storylines like this, but have long since stopped.

A recommended clip:

Travis Banks vs. Liam Fury

In this encounter from IPW Extreme Measures 2011, “The Peak of Perfection” Travis Banks and “Ninja” Liam Fury quickly launch into hard kicks then suddenly Fury knocks Banks down and hits an incredible standing shooting star press. After a two count, Fury hits a hurricanrana and when Banks goes to the outside for a breather Fury rattles him with a suicide dive.

Back inside Fury jumps off the top rope, but Banks counters with a dropkick. Banks stays in control for a while, but when his opponent snatches it away Fury hits an amazing belly-to-back suplex from the top rope. The two go back to trading strikes then trading two counts and finally trading suplex variations. Banks breaks up this cycle by pulling down one knee pad and laying out Fury with a bare knee. The only thing is Fury isn’t completely laid out because he still kicks out after a super close two count.

For the finish Fury hits a brainbuster and a shooting star press. Fury is ready to score the victory when then reigning IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Champion Dal Knox interferes. Knox hits Fury with a steel chair causing Fury to win by disqualification. Banks complains about this to Knox only to also get smacked with the chair. Somehow Knox won this encounter without even wrestling!

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