Jon Davis Interview

by Daniel Johnson


Photo Courtesy of Jon Davis

Interviewer’s Note: Jon Davis wrestles for Florida based FIP where he was the FIP World Heavyweight Champion. He defeated AR Fox for the vacant championship in February and went on to have a 189 day run with the title before dropping the championship to Trent Barreta. Outside of FIP. Davis has also competed for ROH, EVOLVE and DGUSA were he is currently in a feud with top independent wrestler Chuck Taylor. Outside of his singles career Davis has teamed with Kory Chavis as The Dark City Fight Club. At one point the two simultaneously held the FIP Tag Team Championship and the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Davis can be followed on Twitter @jondavis817 and e-mailed at This interview was completed on August 7, 2013 just two days before Davis lost the FIP World Heavyweight Championship. In this interview Davis and I focus on the topic of holding the FIP World Heavyweight Championship.

Daniel Johnson: For those unfamiliar with you how would you describe yourself as a performer?
Jon Davis: Aggressive. I’m not you’re average big guy or indie wrestler for that matter. I don’t spend a lot of time on an elaborate entrance or wear flashy gear. I come to the ring, beat people up and leave.

Daniel Johnson: You have an athletic background as a football player. How did you first get into football and what made you decide to pursue wrestling rather than football?
Jon Davis: I grew up on football and wrestling. I moved around a lot as a kid and wrestling was pretty much a constant. I got to play in high school and was decent. I was the second smallest on the team and played middle linebacker. At 165 lbs I handed out a concussion, I broke my helmet hitting people and sent a few players to the bench to not return to the game. I didn’t care who you were, if you weren’t on my team I was hitting you. My issue was my size. I was only 165lbs until I was 19 and didn’t break 200 until I was 22. So I was small for football. But I always kept up with wrestling. I had an arena ball tryout with the Jacksonville team [the Jacksonville Sharks] and missed the call back. A couple of weeks later I was in a ring and never looked back.

Daniel Johnson: What was your first home promotion as a wrestler? Do you still consider that your home promotion or have things changed?
Jon Davis: I’m not going to name the promotion. The promoter, while breaking me into the business, is shady and holds anyone he “trains” that has potential back. Why you would not want your students with talent to succeed is baffling to me.

Daniel Johnson: How did you first get in FIP and what has made you continue to come back for the promotion for as long as you have?
Jon Davis: I got a call from Jerrelle Clarke and was told that he needed a partner as his partner at the time seemingly vanished off of the face of the earth. So I came in and wrestled in a losing effort against The Black Market. I “debuted” a couple of more times before The Dark City Fight Club started. I come back each time for the same reason, passion. Every single guy in the company either had a chip on their shoulder or has something to prove. A lot of times any match on the card can steal the show. It’s a very competitive yet supportive environment as well as an awesome locker room to be a part of.

Daniel Johnson: Where do you believe FIP ranks among the current independent wrestling promotions in Florida. Also, would you like to see more cross promotion done between FIP and other promotions in Florida or even outside of the state?
Jon Davis: Easy answer. Number one. I would love to see more guys come in from other promotions throughout the state as I feel Florida has a lot of untapped potential as well as veterans that haven’t gotten a shot for a larger promotion, but deserve to.

Daniel Johnson: What do you believe your first great moment was as a wrestler for FIP?
Jon Davis: Debuting with Kory Chavis as the DCFC. I knew we were about to start something big and I couldn’t wait to get started.

Daniel Johnson: What do you believe your most significant match has been for FIP to date?
Jon Davis: Versus AR Fox for the then vacant FIP World Heavyweight Championship. It was the start of a new chapter for the company’s short albeit rich history and I believe we brought it back properly.

Daniel Johnson: Before your more recent singles success you teamed with Kory Chavis as the Dark City Fight Club. How did this team come about?
Jon Davis: We had matching gear and the exact same amount of hunger and determination. We attacked The Black Market and the rest is history.

Daniel Johnson: The Dark City Fight Club defeated The British Lions, Chris Gray and Tommy Taylor in 2010 for the FIP Tag Team Championship. Is there anything in particular about this match that stands out for you?
Jon Davis: Being in the ring with The British Lions. I feel like Chris Gray and Tommy Taylor were a very underrated team. They were both talented and very good inside of the ring. They pushed us just as hard as we pushed them and we both became better teams because of it.

Daniel Johnson: The Dark City Fight Club went on to hold the FIP Tag Team Championship for 454 days. What was it like having a reign that long and what do you consider your best match from it?
Jon Davis: It was fun. Kory and I felt like we were the best team on the planet. We had the FIP and NWA world championship at the same time. The matches that stood out to me were against The British Lions and The Scene.

Daniel Johnson: In February 2013 you defeated AR Fox for the vacant FIP World Heavyweight Championship. What were your thoughts on this experience and your match with AR Fox?
Jon Davis: I was beyond excited to do this match. AR Fox is arguably the hottest thing going in wrestling today. He’s successful all over the world and holds championships everywhere. I was honored to be put in the spot to compete for the championship and I felt like we went in from start to stop. I hold this match close to my chest because we ushered in a new chapter for FIP and set the bar high in doing it.

Daniel Johnson: I was also curious what do you think of winning a vacant title. Do you feel not getting a chance to wrestle the former champion makes it tougher to establish yourself as a strong champion. Why or why not?
Jon Davis: I think it makes it tougher. But that is what I like about being the champion. I have never been afraid of a challenge and re-establishing this championship is just that. Homicide. Bryan Danielson. Roderick Strong. Erick Stevens. Go Shiozaki. Masaaki Mochizuki. Tyler Black. Davey Richards. Jon Moxley. These are the men who came before me and look at their places in our industry now. I feel I can hold my own with any of them and if I am provided an opportunity I will prove it. I have said publicly and mean it every time I have said I will defend this championship anywhere I can and against whoever wants a shot at it. I  belong where I am and will prove it any chance I get.

Daniel Johnson: What do you consider to be your best match for the FIP World Heavyweight Championship to date?
Jon Davis: Samuray Del Sol at Establish Dominance. If you haven’t seen it, go to and watch it.

Daniel Johnson: Do you consider the FIP World Heavyweight Championship to be the most prestigious title you have held so far in your career? If not then what is?
Jon Davis: Yes. It gives me chance to prove myself as the best and a history that proves you have to be the best to hold it.

Daniel Johnson: What do you hope to accomplish before your reign as FIP World Heavyweight Champion ends?
Jon Davis: To bring FIP back to where it was and exceed its former place in wrestling. Right now we are a secret that needs to be told. Watch a show and don’t put us up against anyone else. I dare you.

Daniel Johnson: How important do you think it is for a wrestling company to have a strong champion in order to thrive. How, if at all, would you like FIP to grow and how would you help them in this endeavor?
Jon Davis: I think that the champion is the staple of any company. If your champion is weak, then your company is viewed as such. I want to get in and go against the best our business has to offer and build our product as I go. I want the world to see that we have a strong locker room that comes from all over the country and I will do whatever I have to so that those eyes see us.

Daniel Johnson: Are there any past wrestlers you have yet to work with in the company that you never got the chance to? Also, are there any wrestlers currently in FIP that you have yet to work with that you would like to?
Jon Davis: I would love to stand across the ring from Roderick Strong. He was a great champion and did the company proud with his reign as champion. We have only tagged against each other and I’m sure if you talk to him he’d jump at the chance to face off with me.

Daniel Johnson: I also had some more general questions. Outside of FIP another major independent promotion you have worked for is DGUSA. What would you tell readers who have yet to check out the promotion that might motivate them to give DGUSA a chance?
Jon Davis: Watching DGUSA is watching the future of this business. Almost every match we send out can main event any show anywhere. Look at our current roster and alumni and you will understand why I feel so strongly about it.

Daniel Johnson: In DGUSA you have had a lengthy feud with Chuck Taylor. Would you say this is your best feud of 2013 so far? Does anything else compare?
Jon Davis: Of 2013 its definitely been Chuck. We have beaten the crap out each other on a few occasions. He is known as this goofy kid but recently has shown a more serious side. Credit given where its due, he is a strong opponent and a very tough person to keep down.

Daniel Johnson: Other than Taylor what other feud have you had that most stands out to you overall in your career? Also, is there any match from that feud you would recommend for your potential fans?
Jon Davis: Johnny Gargano. He was my first match back in EVOLVE and and then late last year almost was the cause of my retirement. It ended in a no ropes match that tested both of our limits and has left both of us with scars as reminders.

Daniel Johnson: Another accomplishment you have had in wrestling is winning the 2012 EVOLVE Style Battle Tournament. What are your memories of the tournament. Also, are there any other wrestling tournaments you have yet to wrestle in that you would like to?
Jon Davis: My first match against Tommy Taylor. My second match against AR Fox. The Finals against Bobby Fish. All three of them pushed me in a different way and I am proud of all of the matches.  I will take part in any tournament for any company as that goes back to my competitive spirit and want to take on the best.

Daniel Johnson: Speaking more generally what do you feel is most unique about you as a wrestler?
Jon Davis: That’s hard to answer. I would say maybe my knowledge of my opponents and potential opponents.  I study everyone all of the time. In doing so it gives me plenty of time to figure out strategy and unique ways to throw said opponents and potential opponents as far as I can.

Daniel Johnson: Many wrestlers have the main goal of making to WWE and to a lesser extent TNA. Would you say this a major goal for you? If so how far away do you think you are from getting to WWE or TNA?
Jon Davis: I can’t say for sure how far I am from being in the WWE. Its really luck of the draw. I will say that I’ll be ready if and when I am called.

Daniel Johnson: Which company do you think you would fit in better WWE or TNA?
Jon Davis: WWE.

Daniel Johnson: Regardless of where you end up would you like to keep your three seconds around the world finisher, which is a powerbomb variation, for your entire career or do you ever see changing it up. Also, how did you develop that move and settle on it as your finisher?
Jon Davis: Absolutely. I feel like its unique and not something just any one can do. I use a lariat also, but three seconds has been something I’ve used for over six years. The development came from a student who wouldn’t listen. I was trying to teach the basics of a headlock and he was agitating me. So I picked him up across my shoulders and sat out into a power bomb to calm him down. In doing so I realized it looked cool. I started trying it out and then saw that Adam Pearce used a variation also. I studied what made his awesome and added some tweaks on mine and here we are now.

Daniel Johnson: I also had five short non-wrestling related questions I like to ask everyone to make interviews just a little more interesting: Outside of wrestling what television shows do you watch?
Jon Davis: True Blood, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and the new Ninja Turtles show.

Daniel Johnson: What was your favorite movie to come out this year?
Jon Davis: I’ve only seen Pacific Rim and World War Z. I hated World War Z so I’m going with Pacific Rim. Can’t lose with Charlie Day.

Daniel Johnson: What is your favorite food that you tried for the first time this year?
Jon Davis: Not a food, but I just started drinking coffee a couple months ago. I dig coffee.

Daniel Johnson: What is you favorite song released this year?
Jon Davis: Anything Joe Budden or Slaughterhouse.

Daniel Johnson: What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?
Jon Davis: The Deadpool, Dead series. If you like comics, pick it up. It’s a fun read.

Daniel Johnson: Then I had a few more brief wrestling questions. What is the weirdest part of being a pro wrestler?
Jon Davis: [Skip].

Daniel Johnson: Who is one wrestler 25 or under that you think readers should know about?
Jon Davis: I don’t know how old he is, but I’m into watching  Shane Strickland these days. A lot of people already know about him, but that kid is very talented.

Daniel Johnson: What, if anything, would you like to accomplish by the end of the year?
Jon Davis: To continue down the path that I’m on, whereever that may lead me.

Daniel Johnson: Is there anything that you would like to promote?
Jon Davis:,, @jondavis817 on Twitter,

Daniel Johnson: Is there anything you would like to add?
Jon Davis: Wrestling is a crazy business full of crazy dudes and girls, crazy matches ,crazy fans and I can honestly say that I’ve never been more proud to be apart of this craziness. Thank you to everyone involved.

Witness Jon Davis in action! He personally suggested this all out war with Chuck Taylor. Also, Davis can be seen defending the FIP World Heavyweight Championship in this match for Pro Wrestling Extra (PWE) held by United Pro Entertainment (UP) against Lance Alonte:

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