A Contender for the DGUSA Feud of the Year

by Daniel Johnson

Chuck Taylor vs. Jon Davis

One complaint I’ve often read about DGUSA is that it is just an assortment of technical/flippy matches that exists in a vacuum without storylines. Perhaps there is no better counterpoint to this complaint than the Chuck Taylor/Jon Davis feud. This clip begins with a promo wherein Chuck Taylor lashes out at Jon Davis for trying to destroy Taylor’s stable, The Gentleman’s Club.

The bout starts with a ton of brawling that goes to the outside within seconds as the two fight amid the fans in attendance. Taylor quickly grabs a chair and gives Davis some shots then attempts a suplex. The suplex is reversed by Davis and Taylor’s back feels the agony of some chairs. Taylor doesn’t stay down for long and hits Davis with a big back body drop off the stage, which is next to the ring. From there Taylor does a front flip onto Davis and doesn’t even stop to take a breather.

The match is admittedly a bit of a spotfest with not that much psychology behind it. Still, when the spots are this good being a little lax on psychology is understandable. After some more chair shots and Taylor even breaking through a ladder the two are ready to finish. Yet, it is not before Taylor  encourages fans to hand him a butt load of chairs. At one point the fans are so psyched they also attempt to hand Taylor a couch, but Taylor turns it down. Instead of planting Davis on these chairs though Davis instead hits his three seconds around the world finisher and gets the pin.

The feud did not end there as Davis recently defeated Taylor again just a few days ago at the DGUSA Bushido: Code of the Warrior show in a bunkhouse match. Hopefully, this feud does not end for a while, but if it doesn’t then what match type will be used next? A cage match? A ladder match? An exploding cage time bomb death match? Maybe even all three in a gauntlet match involving the other members of The Gentleman’s Club: Drew Gulak, “Man Scout” Jake Manning and Orange Cassidy. Only time will tell.

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