ISW Free Match Monday: Vans Warped Tour Flashback

by Daniel Johnson

Addy Starr vs. Player Dos

This week’s installment of ISW Free Match Monday brings forward an intergender match from this past decade. There is a little mat wrestling to start, but then the match turns into spot, spot, spot, a reversal  or two, rinse and repeat, then the finish.  The Vans Warped Tour crowd seems into it enough even though it is lightly raining. Player Dos hits the first big move of the match with a leaping forearm as Addy Starr is glued to one corner of the ring in a daze of grogginess. Dos follows this up with an Edge-like spear and the commentator says, “If she was pregnant before this match, she’s not anymore.” To be fair after Dos misses a split-legged moonsault the commentator also says, “If Player Dos was pregnant before this match, now he’s not anymore. A whole lot of abortions going on here.”

As the match comes to a close Dos attempts another spear only to hit nothing, but ring post. Starr lets loose with some impressive suplexes of the northern lights and German variety. The suplexes are especially impressive given Dos’ weight advantage. Starr then hits Dos with a forearm and covers Dos by placing one foot on him. It is very Chris Jericho-esque. A bit later Starr is laying in some more forearm shots, but Dos just grabs her to hit one heck of a sloppy move. Dos wins it with a big splash.

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