Billington Takes on Devine in the RWA

by Daniel Johnson

Tom Billington vs. Jason Devine

This contest showcases one of the holders of the RWA Tag Team Championship, Jason Devine. Coming out to the ring with his valet, Princess he doesn’t even bother to stare down his opponent Tom Billington (not that Tom Billington!). Instead Devine is all about dancing as right when the match should start the song “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant comes on. Billington (again not Dynamite Kid) gets fed up by this quickly and charges Devine only to get hit with some hip tosses.

This bout from RWA Hype is a pretty even match with both Tom and Devine getting their shots in. In fact, at one point the two are on their knees slugging it out. That is until Billingtom delivers a thumb to Devine’s eye and gets an unfair advantage. A classic heel move! For the finish Billington looks like he is about to hit a pedigree, but instead of a HHH move, Devine wiggles out of it and hits Billington with a modified version of Abyss’ black hole slam. Overall, the bout is a little silly, but is short and sweet enough to be entertaining. Neither wrestler comes out looking like a chump and both get to show off some of their skills.

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