Lance Steel and El Saguaro at the CZW Academy

by Daniel Johnson

Lance Steel vs. El Saguaro

If CHIKARA doesn’t come back then this match shows that maybe Beyond Wrestling can pick up some of their business. In the CZW Academy, Lance Steel and El Saguaro fight in a match that surprises commentator Denver Colorado with how hardcore it is.  Perhaps the biggest fan of the match though is the wrestler, Usurper who cannot stop pounding on the mat in excitement.

As the bout begins Steel tries to punish Saguaro with a headlock, but the cactus points on Saguaro’s mask keep hurting Steel. Likewise, Saguaro tries to chop Steel, but Steel’s chest armor keeps hurting Saguaro. How can this problem be solved? Easy! Steel just kicks Saguaro in the gut and Saguaro punches Steel in the face. The comedy spots are over for a while (outside of Saguaro’s continued attempt to rub a booger on Steel, which he must have learned from Kevin Steen) and the two dive head first into some brawling. The cage sides from CZW Cage of Death are actually at ringside and Saguaro makes good use of them by launching Steel into them. Steel fights back and sends Saguaro into the cage sides, but then Saguaro Irish whips Steel into the garage door of the CZW Academy. Steel battles back again, this time with a broom handle, but Saguaro just slams him on concrete.

The fight continues back inside until Saguaro eventually makes Steel submit with a spinning choke hold. Also, after the match Saguaro rubs a booger on the referee. All in all the match is a bit more hard hitting than the typical CHIKARA affair, but that gives it a fun quality.

In other Beyond Wrestling news, the folks at the company have uploaded some clips from their recent Americanrana show which can be found here, here and here.

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