ROH Throwback Thursday: Steen’s Snot Rockets and El Generico’s Knee

by Daniel Johnson

Kenta Kobayashi, Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. Chris Hero and The American Wolves

This week’s installment of ROH Throwback Thursday presents a trios match from ROH on HDNET. The match is only from 2009, but is one ROH will  probably never see again since two of the participants are now signed to WWE and since Kenta Kobayashi may never return. Let’s take a look at what was through the magic of bullet points:

*The American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards gel excellently in this match as always. It is like having The British Bulldogs around in the 2000s only both guys are more like Dynamite Kid than Davey Boy Smith. Hopefully, their current reunion lasts for a while.

*There are a ton of snot rockets throughout the match from Kevin Steen. Steen’s nose must have been bursting with boogers prior to the contest. On the other hand maybe he ran out of boogers and was just dry shooting at everyone. Anyways, I think that’s enough about Kevin Steen’s nose goblins for one post.

*Kenta is wasted for most of this match, but when he gets a hot tag it almost leads to a great performance. He hands the Wolves their asses with kicks and at one point even double dropkicks the duo after projecting himself off of the ropes.

*Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn are at ringside throughout the performance, but don’t really do anything aside from maybe getting planted with a snot rocket or two by Steen. Okay, I’ll really stop bringing up his boogies now.

*Richards shows that he is truly insane in this match when he does a crazy flip into the crowd that sends El Generico into the barricade and himself deep into the audience. Seemingly seconds after this he is back in the ring taking stiff shots from Kenta. If Richards is not careful he’ll end up more like the Dynamite Kid currently than the 1980’s version.

*Like Kenta, Chris Hero also doesn’t really do much throughout the bout. Even the commentators point out well into the match that he must have the most energy left of anyone.

*The match winds down when El Generico attempts a brainbuster on Edwards, but gets hit in the knee with a top rope dropkick by Richards. Generico quickly taps out when put in the Texas cloverleaf by Richards. Funny, Generico barely sold this injury throughout the match, but at least the commentators brought it up.

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