Perry Saturn and Raven Team Up in 2013

by Daniel Johnson

The Flock vs. Mad Man Pondo and Brady Pierce

The second episode of Resistance Pro TV 2.0 features a reunion of Raven’s Flock as they take on Mad Man Pondo and Brady Pierce. Prior to the match Perry Saturn and Raven cut a promo backstage in which they call Zach Thompson a nut sack and don’t say much else.

Despite being out of wrestling’s limelight for much longer than Raven, The Flock’s Perry Saturn is the workhorse of this match. After a butt load of stalling Saturn takes his first bump with a belly-to-back suplex from Mad Man Pondo. Pondo immediately tags out and Brady Pierce comes in and gets a hip toss from Saturn. There are few moves, but a ton of brawling (at times wobbly) for the remainder of the match. The highlight of this at first appears to be when The Flock hit a double nut shot on Pierce then Saturn hits him with what looks like a picture frame before breaking it over his own head. However, this moment gets overshadowed when Mr. 450 appears and dives into the brawlers. As the action falls back into the ring Saturn hits a brainbuster then a super kick, which forces Pondo to fall right into a Raven effect DDT. The Flock wins!

After the match Saturn takes his shirt off and we find out why some of that action from earlier was so wobbly. Raven tells Saturn to bounce and man does he ever! On the mic Raven closes the clip by putting over young talent, in particular “Lonesome” Jay Bradley and “The Ego” Robert Anthony.

Despite losing the match Pondo and Pierce will challenge for the Resistance Pro Tag Team Championship on July 26 when they take on Lock Up, Sugar Dunkerton and Aaron Epic at Resistance Pro Stick It To Ya.

Oh yeah and just because this is a Resistance Pro clip here is a mandatory weird picture of the Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan.

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