Old School Flashback: Mad Man Pondo and Troy Miller Take on The James Boys at PWI

by Daniel Johnson

oldschoolflashbacklogoMad Man Pondo and “Top Rope” Troy Miller vs. The James Boys

Before Mad Man Pondo was tearing his way through indies from Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) to Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW) to Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW) he ran rampant in Pro Wrestling International (PWI). The slogan of this Indianapolis, Indiana based promotion, “There are no boundaries” holds true as the heel Pondo and his valet, Lady Vendetta once teamed with clean cut “Top Rope” Troy Miller. Their opponents? A couple of bad dudes called The James Boys consisting of Austin James and Dallas James.

A better name for Miller in this match would be “Outside the Ropes” Troy Miller because the bout is roughly half over by the time Miller tags in. Meanwhile the future CZW/BJW/JCW star doesn’t tap into his mean hardcore stuff he is most known for aside from some standard heel moves like a cheap slap to the face during a referee pull apart and a fiendish kick to the gut.

When Miller does come in the first thought to come to mind is, “Why don’t more people know about this guy?” Looking at the four men in this match Miller looks the most like a 1990’s wrestler (in a good way). He is actually still wrestling so check him out! Add to that Miller pulls out some decent moves (botched wheel kick notwithstanding) and the Pondo/Miller team is a pretty fun one. But good luck finding more matches of them teaming online.

The full match can be seen right here:

For some more action from the Old School Flashback series featuring PWI action click here and here.

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