Old School Flashback: The PWI Heavyweight Champion, Lightning Rod

by Daniel Johnson


Lightning Rod vs. “Bad Boy” Flash

Pro Wrestling International (PWI) out of Indianapolis, Indiana had a lot of…

Well, let’s just say they had a lot of interesting talent. Yet, every promotion needs a top dog. Someone to serve as the face of the company, to hold the strap, to kiss babies and bath chickens. Back in 1996 the man for the job, the man who held the PWI Heavyweight Championship was the man they call, Lightning Rod.

In pro wrestling a champion’s worth is determined by many things, but a big one definitely has to be the quality of his opponents. Enter: “Bad Boy” Flash. After ring announcer, The Crowe makes introductions Flash comes out to the best stock music a Casio keyboard can be programmed with. Then PWI heel commentator and future co-founder of Wrestlecrap, “The Real Deal” RD Reynolds calls the match so now Wrestlecrap fans finally know why Reynolds has made so many jokes about that particular brand of keyboard over the years. With themes like Flash’s running through your mind it is tough not to want to crack something whether it is a joke or otherwise.

Aside from being PWI Heavyweight Champion, at the time Rod was also a member of the Four Aces faction. Hmm, I wonder what classic stable the folks at PWI got that name from? Regardless of his affiliations Rod isn’t immune from a cheap shot from Flash followed by a spinwheel kick. Flash doesn’t stay in charge of this bout long and he misses a senton over the ropes from the apron. Rod later hits the same move to add insult to injury. Rod continues the assault with a leg drop from the ropes and his finisher: An ordinary powerbomb called a thunderbomb.

Sadly, though Lightning Rod held the PWI Heavyweight Championship, he never realized his potential by ascending to the team he was made for.

The full match can be seen right here:

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  1. Hi Dan, do you or any reader remember Lightning Rod’s name. He is so familiar and I know I hve seen him in person ( around 1996?). Thanks for all the info you post, its a great archive!



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