Old School Flashback: “Playboy” Johnnie Lee Takes On a Man Twice His Size

by Daniel Johnson


“Playboy” Johnnie Lee vs. Eric Von Blitzcreig

The contrast in size between “Playboy” Johnnie Lee and Eric Von Blitzcreig is immediately noticeable in this Pro Wrestling International (PWI) presentation. Lee is clearly not over the 200 lbs mark while commentator Dallas James at one point says that Blitzcreig has to be 400 lbs.

Regardless of their sizes Lee doesn’t give Eric Von Blitzcreig (spelled in the onscreen graphics as Eric Von Blitzcreek) an inch. Although Blitzcreig starts off by shoving Lee in a corner, Lee pulls the same schtick and gets the big man to back up. Lee eventually gets Blitzcreig down and lands a leg drop before clamping on a headlock. The big “German” doesn’t stay down and punishes Lee with some shoulders in one corner of the ring before hitting a King Kong Bundy avalanche in another.

The mistake Blitzcreig makes is when he sends Lee down he also goes down with him. Since Blitzcreig has considerably more weight on him he can’t just bounce back up like Bam Bam Bigelow in his prime so Lee is already knocking him silly with strikes while the bulky dude is on his knees. Lee caps this one off for the PWI TV crowd with a couple of running elbows for good measure.

A little known fact about Blitzcreig is that a few years later he lost 200 lbs, changed the spelling of his name, put on a mask and was one of the best damn cruiserweights WCW ever saw.

The full match can be seen right here:

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