Old School Flashback: Tracy Smothers Fights The Devil

by Daniel Johnson


Tracy Smothers vs. El Diablo

Tracey Smothers’ introduction by The Crowe opens this clips so El Diablo gets the jobbers entrance by being already in his ring. Well, Diablo was facing someone the caliber of Tracy Smothers who was hot off of a WCW run working with Steve Armstrong…about three years before this match took place. At any rate the folks at Pro Wrestling International (PWI) in Indianapolis, Indiana were booking someone who had made it to the big time so of course someone was going to do the honors for Smothers.

By just looking at the names you know who is going to win. Unless you suffered a head injury worse than any suffered by Smothers’ paisan in ECW’s Full Blooded Italians, JT Smith. Nevertheless this is hardly a squash match and a lot of fun to watch.

El Diablo may have started in the ring, but as soon as Smothers comes in Diablo and his manager Damien Anderson hop out. When Diablo gets back in he complains a heck of a lot throughout the match. It’s mostly because Smothers keeps kicking his tookus with simple moves like an armdrag and a hip toss. Diablo gets some offense in though and at one point the masked man even bites Smothers. Diablo’s big move is a kneelift, but this ends up backfiring on him when he tries it a second time. The wild eyed southern boy plans ahead and pins Diablo with a schoolboy.

The full match can be seen right here:

Not every Old School Flashback clip can feature Tracy Smothers fighting Satan himself. If this match didn’t overwhelm you too much then you can find more PWI action here and here.

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