Indie Flashback: Mercedes Martinez Defends the WSU Championship at WSU #YOLO

by Daniel Johnson

Mercedes Martinez vs. Jessicka Havok vs. Brittney Savage

To give some background to this Women Superstats Uncensored (WSU) match, earlier in the night Mercedes Martinez had defeated Jessicka Havok for the WSU Championship. Since WSU was doing back-to-back tapings Martinez then had to defend her title against Brittney Savage for the main event of WSU #YOLO. However, Havok was unwilling to take a backseat to Savage and demanded she be be included in the main event as well. Martinez and Savage accept Havok’s challenge and immediately double team her.

This match features some interesting spots including Martinez spiking a powerbomb Havok hits on Savage. As the bout winds down Havok looks like she could recapture the WSU Championship after she hits an air raid on Martinez and scoops Savage up for a sidewalk slam. This momentum gets killed when Savage hits a diamond cutter on each of her opponents. Savage then goes for the cover and probably would have won the match, but her rival Sassy Stephanie pulls Savage out of the ring. As Stephanie and Savage brawl, Havok steals the match by pinning Mercedes resulting in a reign that has gone on for nearly two years straight.

In more recent WSU news Jessicka Havok wrestled Alpha Female today at WSU Mutiny. Coverage from can be found here and a confrontation Havok had with DJ Hyde to promote the show can be watched here.

For more WSU action check out WSU: Christina Von Eerie and Kimber Lee at An Ultraviolent Affair and WSU: A Wild Four Corners Match.

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