Indie Flashback: Martinez Takes on Knuckles at Dawn of a New Day

by Daniel Johnson

Mercedes Martinez vs. Mickie Knuckles

The folks at WSU just uploaded this match between Mercedes Martinez and Mickie Knuckles from the WSU Dawn of a New Day live event. Since the match is from a 2008 live event the video quality is not the same as what is typically uploaded by the folks at WSU. Still, with Missy Hyatt helping out on commentary it is a pretty unique clip filled with all kinds of interesting tidbits of knowledge from Missy. For instance, I’m surprised WWE has yet to have a “did you know?” fact about Torrie Wilson’s dog once eating a bunch of hotdogs out of one of their announcer’s butts.

At any rate Mickie Knuckles starts off by focusing on Mercedes Martinez’s left arm so Martinez originally counters by doing the same to her opponent. As the match progresses Martinez changes her approach to target Knuckles’ lower back with moves like Eddie Guerrero’s three amigos, shots to the lower back and a modified STF. Yet, what really spells doom for Knuckles is when she misses a top rope senton. From there it is just a matter of time before Martinez destroys Knuckles with a fisherman buster from the second rope. A decent match with some more than decent in-ring psychology from Martinez.

In other WSU news, Lexxus will be taking on Jessicka Havok for the WSU Championship in just two days at WSU Blood and Thunder. Lexxus tore Havok apart in a recently released promo.

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