ROH Throwback Thursday: Richards Wrestles Strong

by Daniel Johnson

Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards

This week’s edition of ROH Throwback Thursday comes courtesy of the new release, Ring of Honor Wrestling Vol. 1: The Best of Episodes 1-100 and features Davey Richards defending the ROH World Championship against Roderick Strong.

The match has an extended feeling out process, but when it spills out onto the floor the pace really starts to pick up. Richards delivers some devastating kicks and then the two engage in a chop battle. As commentator Nigel McGuinness points out Roderick Strong is not the guy to pick a chopping match with and Strong wins that exchange. When the match goes back inside the ring it looks like it is just going to spill back outside, but then Strong hits a wicked knee to Richards’ face. In fact, Strong with assistance from manager Truth Martini nearly wins it all until Richards finally disposes of Martini. For the finish Richards makes Strong tap to an ankle lock.

Looking a little to the past, last week’s ROH Throwback Thursday did not feature a match, but I figured I’d post it anyway as it highlights Larry Sweeney and Ric Flair. Also, Chris Hero makes an appearance.

Lastly, in other ROH news, Mark Briscoe recently threatened Silas Young with dressing up as a woman and calling himself Marcy.

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