RWA: Kris Pyro Defends Against Ricky Medeiros

by Daniel Johnson

Kris Pyro vs. Ricky Medeiros

The folks at RWA just got around to uploading this encounter for the RWA Hype Championship between one half of Da Hoodz, Kris Pyro and challenger, Ricky Medeiros. The commentators point out that this will be a match of speed against speed and to prove this Pyro rolls Medeiros up with a school boy seconds into the match.

Oddly enough perhaps the best moves of the match are the ones that are missed. Pyro misses a 450 splash and hits the mat with such impact it would be surprising if his head didn’t start to get a little trippy. Likewise, Medeiros executes a pretty nifty moonsault that misses Pyro completely. Medeiros gets in a few more good maneuvers as the match winds down including a DDT and a hurricanrana. However, Pyro puts Medeiros away in under 10 minutes with falcon arrow from a death valley driver position.

After the match, The Stacked Deck heel group attacks with Mike Montero taking the RWA Hype Championship from Pyro. Since Pyro’s partner in Da Hoodz, Davey Cash is not present, Montero roughs up Pyro a bunch. The inevitable Pyro/Montero match has the potential to be exciting. Hopefully, when it happens the two are given some time to really deliver.

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