25 and Under: AJ Auinger in EWA

by Daniel Johnson


AJ Auinger vs. “Sexy” Peter White

AJ Auinger is a 21 year-old Austrian wrestler who has been performing since 2011. His in-ring style leans toward the technical side even though his typical finisher is a variation of the ace crusher. One promotion Auinger has worked for is the European Wrestling Association. At the April 27, 2013 EWA on Tour show, Auinger wrestled fellow Austrian and at the time 13 year veteran, “Sexy” Peter White on the card’s solid penultimate match.

Auinger starts the match with two armdrags and a dropkick that send White retreating. Auinger shows repeatedly throughout this performance that he was probably very much inspired by AJ Styles due to some of his move set as well as his ability to mix technical wrestling with some high flying spots. Also, the name of course. Meanwhile White was probably inspired by mid-1990s Shawn Michaels. Why? Well, he makes an ass out of himself. Literally. Yes, White pulls off the accidentally on purpose spot of having his trunks go way down in back so he can moon the crowd.

As the match winds down Auinger hits a big back bodydrop, but then gets pancaked on the mat. White arrogantly covers Auinger refusing to even hook his leg so the young man kicks out. White then delivers Carlito’s old backcracker to end this clip he was proud enough to post on his official website.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next EWA show will be EWA on Tour on November 22 in Vienna, Austria. Click here for tickets (site is in German).

For the full results of the EWA on Tour April 27, 2013 show click here.

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