25 and Under: Benny Factor Inside of a Cage at NAW

by Daniel Johnson


Benny Factor vs. Chico

Now here is something a little different. It is the opener of a show put on by New Age Wrestling (NAW) in Australia called NAW King of the Cage Tournament 2013. As the name implies it is a tournament done with nothing, but cage matches. Kind of like if TNA Lockdown eloped with the WWE King of the Ring and went to Australia while Mike Tenay and Michael Cole could do nothing but sit back and cry.

At any rate Benny Factor, who plays the heel of the match, has an interesting background. Benny is barely in his twenties and has already had training from two former WWE superstars who each held gold. One is a WWE Hall of Famer (Booker T) while the other…isn’t (Orlando Jordan).

Benny and Chico take an unusual approach to this cage match and open it with a ton of scientific wrestling. The two look like they could slam one another into the cage at any minute, but they never actually do. In fact one of the most violent spots of the match is a simple dropkick…

And that is what makes this a good opener! Booking a show with all cage matches is incredibly tricky because if all the most vicious spots happen in the first match then fans have nothing to look forward to. For their part Benny and Chico are quite tame (though Benny hits some nasty closed fist punches at one point) and instead rely on their basic chemistry to entertain the crowd rather than blowing the pomotion’s whole load all at once. For good measure there is even a brief unmasking at the end.

The full match can be seen right here:

For the full results of the NAW King of the Cage Tournament 2013 click here.

To witness more action from down under in the 25 and Under series click here and here.

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