25 and Under: Danny Danger at ACW Broken Dreams

by Daniel Johnson

Danny Danger vs. Prodigy PTV

This match from 2010 took place at the Maryland based Adrenaline Championship Wrestling (ACW), not to be confused with a certain Texas promotion. The bout features Danny Danger who at that point had already done extra work for WWE and right around this time also had some matches for Beyond Wrestling.

As for the clip itself, the commentary team open it up by accidentally calling Danny, Kenny Danger repeatedly. The commentators also play up that this is a David versus Goliath match. For his part Prodigy PTV telegraphs this point by just shoving Danger to the mat to start off his offense. If Danger was hoping to get a win this night then the event, ACW Broken Dreams was aptly named. Danger actually hits a bunch of strikes though and while Prodigy completely no sells Danger’s forearms, Danger’s knees to Prodigy’s back and dropkick appear to do a little damage. However, Danger makes a huge tactical error when he tries to suplex the big man. It’s like Danger learned his offense by watching footage of Crash Holly and The Hurricane with a straight face. Danger changes up his approach a bit then and tries to take Prodigy down with a sunset flip, but instead gets hit with a sick spinebuster.

Prodigy attempts to end the match with a diving headbutt from the top rope, but misses. Danger’s last hurrah consists of attempting to put Prodigy down with a super kick, clotheslines, dropkick and even a top rope dropkick, but none of it works. Prodigy hits Danger with a Samoan drop and then plants him with a modified neckbreaker for the win. Danger may not have won, but his bumping reminded me a little of Dolph Ziggler, which is always fun.

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