A Happy Halloween with Muta and Goldust

If pictures like this and this are any indication then The Great Muta and Goldust should be two of the most popular costumes for tonight’s festivities. Perhaps even more unusual than our continuing tradition of having young children go to the houses of strangers at night and ask for candy is that Muta and Goldust have actually wrestled before. It occurred in a tag team match for AJPW. On one side the team of Muta and Yoshihiro Tajiri made sense given their fondness for mist. However, their opponents are a puzzling combination.  The best reasoning I can come up with is that Goldust and Hakushi aka Jinsei Shinzaki ended up in the same prison and Goldust was traded to Hakushi by the prison alpha male for a pack of Marlboro reds.

On a random note Goldust is actually called Goldustin here as opposed to Goldust or as Japanese announcers would say Goldustooooo.

Anyway, Dustin Rhodes must have feared that his homosexual gestures would get lost in translation because he turns the volume way up on them. Somehow in Japan this is possible without anyone having to take off their pants. Unfortunately for Goldust this proves to be his doom because after trying to kiss the admittedly lovable Muta he gets not one, but two eyefuls of mist and eats the shinning wizard (the move that is).

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