WCW Breaking News 10/31/12

*Attendance estimates are still pending for WCW Halloween Havoc 2012, which took place this past Sunday. The planning for the show had several problems most notably having to change locations earlier in the month. Originally booked to take place at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia the venue had to be changed after massive protest from the families of current and past members of the United States military. An outdoor venue in Detroit, Michigan was then substituted to give the pay-per-view the proper vibe. Despite drawing a decent looking crowd the company will earn $0 in ticket sales due to this being a free live show.

*The main event WCW World Heavyweight Championship match received a mixed response. Going into the event, the mega over Ultimate Warrior had a ton of momentum taking on heel champ Scott Steiner and a returning Vader. The result was underwhelming with The Ultimate Warrior defeating Scott Steiner and Vader in a three way match in just over five minutes.

*Michael Buffer announcing Scott Hall as the current holder of the WCW United States Championship at the event was not a mistake. After defeating Rick Steiner at Halloween Havoc, Hall had another successful title defense against Tokyo Magnum on WCW Tuesday Nitro even though Hall never actually won the title. The word going around is that Hall was given the belt as a replacement after leaving the WCW World Television Championship belt at the previous tour stop in Green Bay, Wisconsin. There is no word on what will happen to former United States champ Ron Waterman.

* Carly Rae Jepsen’s 10 minute performance at the show is said to have cost WCW in the six figure range. Despite getting a surprisingly good reaction from the night’s crowd she is not expected to make any future appearances in the promotion. The company is still rumored to be in negotiations with some more top-level pop talent for future appearances. In related news Shane Helms, Elix Skipper and Shannon Moore have been released.

*The reason Bill Goldberg was left off of the pay-per-view card is because he is still on tour with the other half of WCW’s roster in Germany. Despite receiving massive face chants during WCW’s tour of Germany, Berlyn was jobbed out in his hometown of Nuremberg to an even more over Bill Goldberg in 30 seconds. Goldberg apparently had the day off during the next tour stop in Frankfurt leaving the WCW creative team baffled what to do with Berlyn. Just before showtime they decided to throw Ultimo Dragon in the ring with him and instead of another epic Goldberg squash, fans instead had to endure a 4 star plus match. Goldberg is expected to return on Friday’s show to face Berlyn in Berlin.

*Apparently, quad injuries keep Kevin Nash away from more than just in-ring action. Big Sexy called in sick to work for his new job as head of talent relations after complaining that he re-injured his quad while helping his son put away his tricycle. His son is now 16.

*Adolfo Tapia who portrays La Parka and Dionicio Castellanos Torres who portrays Psicosis are rumored to be unhappy in WCW and are negotiating on the terms of their exit clauses. This is despite getting huge pops as Pinkie Parka and Psicosis Sparkle in their brony tag team. La Parka and Psicosis are said to have no understanding of the gimmick and have never viewed My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A source tells us that La Parka became particularly miffed when a clopper approached him in the Georgia Dome parking lot after a recent show. When asked why he would leave the company despite holding the WCW World Tag Team Championship, La Parka reportedly said, “Los bendejos es loco.”

Disclaimer: Unless you were hit too hard in the head by Sting’s baseball bat or got blasted by an international object then you should know that none of this actually happened. The real WCW was purchased in 2001 by the company that would become WWE.

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