Beyond Wrestling’s First Intergender Four Way Match

With a new month coming in I thought I’d post something a little unusual even for this blog. Mercedes KV makes history in being the fist woman in Beyond Wrestling to wrestle three guys at the same time. After the required “Balls of Fury” and other related penis chants die down she does not last long. Mikaze knocks her down with a kick to the face after he does some selling that looks like it is straight out of Mortal Kombat. You know the little spinning motion characters do while they are waiting for a fatality. Anyway, Mikaze makes up for this campy selling later and takes a dive into one of the building’s support columns. He then gets eliminated in short order. It is a shame that Kano didn’t make a run-in.

With just “Balls of Fury” Brian Fury and Nick Fahrenheit left, the smaller Fahrenheit looks like he has a big challenge ahead. It isn’t long before Fahrenheit takes a massive sitout powerbomb, but rather than a pin Fury decides on a submission. As Denver Colorado points out Fury locks on a Boston crab about 30 minutes outside the city of Boston! Fahrenheit cannot escape so Fury racks up another point in Beyond Wrestling’s scoring system.

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